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Static No More: Are You Using the Best CMS?

Are you limiting your audience?

Static Site Rebuild
There’s a reason you don’t see static on televisions anymore. When digital signals became available, although it took a long time, the standard was eventually switched from radio signals. That’s because the new technology offered benefits the old technology couldn’t match. Now rabbit ears only pick up the most basic channels. That might be fine for some, but it means anyone still using an antennae won’t see channels past 13. That narrows the market for antennas considerably.

When you have a static site it has the same limiting effect. Static sites are outdated. They require significantly more maintenance and work to achieve positive results, and they aren’t a favored technology. Just how advertisers will favor the technology that reaches the widest audience, search engines do too.

The WordPress Difference

Static Site Re-Build

  • Reduce your build time and cost – WordPress offers the ability to design a quality site that is much easier to optimize than static sites. That means much more can be accomplished by your web marketing firm in a much smaller timeframe. This often equates to a reduced cost on a better product. Site changes can be carried out by many more individuals, and don’t have to be strictly performed by developers.
  • Continual updates – The very definition of static is, “showing little change”. Search engine protocols are constantly changing and adapting. This makes it difficult for static sites to keep up. They require manual additions to code on a page by page basis. WordPress allows for the use of plugins that can change the way webpages react site-wide. WordPress also continually updates security measures, design functions, and more. This automatic updating isn’t possible on a static site.
  • Better design – You should also consider design and function. Almost every regular internet user can quickly identify a site that has not been recently updated. For those of us who remember Netscape Navigator we can determine sites created in the 90’s, 00’s, and 2010’s on looks alone. WordPress utilizes a variety of themes and robust creation tools for a customized site that looks modern and user friendly. This is especially true when it comes to mobile devices.
  • Easier optimization – In order to make a static site responsive on mobile devices, it can take just as long as rebuilding the website. If you don’t already know the dangers of ignoring mobile devices, failing to create a site that is easily accessible for this demographic will continue to lose you a greater and greater amount of business. WordPress sites are mobile responsive from the outset, making them a much better option.

What if my site is already ranking?

Even with a static site you may still be doing well in the rankings. This shouldn’t be confused as a sign of continued success though. There are a wide variety of factors that can contribute to successful rankings. A major one is domain authority. The longer you have had your site URL the stronger that authority is. The good news is that doesn’t mean you have to keep your current site. A web marketing company can keep your existing URL while redesigning your site with WordPress. This preserves your domain authority while adding in all the other markers that will help your site to maintain those high rankings in the future.

If you’re still static it’s never too late for a site-rebuild using WordPress. Call us today (888) 400-4002 to find out your site’s strengths and weaknesses, and learn more about what a WordPress re-build can do for your business.

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Static No More: Are You Using the Best CMS?

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