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5 Traits That Make A Quality Web Design

When it comes to designing a website most people think its all about pretty colors, nice pictures and bold text. While these are all great things to have, there is actually a bit of a science behind what catches your viewers and keeps them on your site. Here is a list of the top 5 traits any good website should always have:

  1. Eye Catcher: The top half of a web page is what we call “above the fold” and in this area you should put something that is going to instantly make the viewer want to stay on your page. Generally, a slideshow with pictures showing what you’re all about is a great way to engage a viewer.
  2. Call To Action: This is something that is going to make a viewer decide to contact you vs. your competitor to use your services and create a conversion. This can range from a special discount, financing, or a free trial will do the trick. You want this to get the viewers attention; as you generally only have a few seconds to capture their interest.
  3. Content: Arguably, quality content may be the single most important key to having an excellent website. Content is what tells the viewer more in depth about what it is you do, and why they should use your services as opposed to someone else. Make your content clear, precise, and honest. Sell yourself!
  4. Contact Info: One of the biggest mistakes that we see quite often is that a company does not have their contact info in an easily viewed place. Somewhere in that top fold you should ALWAYS have a phone number. A majority of the time, if a potential customer comes on your website and doesn’t see a phone number or some way to contact you at the top of your home page, they will gladly leave and move on and take their business elsewhere. Another good idea is a conversion form where people can enter their contact info for you to call, download an e-book, or receive a special offer for filling out the form. (An easy way to generate leads!)
  5. Usability: Although this should be a given, unfortunately it is a lot of times overlooked in a web design. Your website should be easy to navigate through and not have tons of pop-ups all over the place. Nothing will irritate and drive away more traffic than a website that is confusing and is frankly a chore to try and navigate through. Keep it simple, clean, and clear. Trust us on this.

So that’s it. The list of what our experience has shown us to be the most important elements of a great web design. Although it may seem simple, we see a lot of sites these days, lacking these basic concepts. So remember, keep it simple, clean, clear and user friendly, and you’re sure to generate some more business.

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5 Traits That Make A Quality Web Design

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