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3 Tricks To Creating a Secure Password

As long as the Internet exists, there are always going to be hackers that are going to try and steal your sensitive information. That is why it is so crucial to do everything you can to try and prevent this from happening. The first defense you have against someone hacking into your account and obtaining potentially harmful information is a strong password. Here we will show you our top three tricks to creating a strong password.

  1. Make sure your password at least 9 characters w/special characters: This will ensure that your password will be difficult for hackers to guess and therefore make it more difficult to hack. Using special characters just puts an extra-added security step in place to prevent a hacker from guessing your password.
  1. Do not use words in the dictionary: This might sound weird, but it’s true. Instead do a segment of a few words put together or parts of words put together. One of the ways hackers break into peoples accounts is by cycling through all the words in the dictionary until they guess your password; it’s called a brute force attack.
  1. 3.    Do not use the names of your family members or pets: All it takes is a hacker to find out your name, check out your social media page, and guess your password based on your posts about your pets or family members. Do not make this mistake because it is one of the easiest ways to get hacked.

If you follow these steps when creating a password, this will help you to be a whole lot more secure on the Internet. You do not want to have to go through the process of dealing with stolen credit card information or identity all because your password was not secure.

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3 Tricks To Creating a Secure Password

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