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3 Reasons NO SEO Company Can Guarantee Google Rankings

It’s safe to bet that your business has at some time or another received a call from an “SEO” company making guarantees to get you first page on Google. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the “special relationship” they claim to have with Google, and the “priority submissions” they can do. Well folks, im here to tell you, claims like these are without a doubt, a lie. Below is a screen shot straight from (and a link to) the Google general guidelines page to prove it.

Google SEOThe next time you receive a phone call from a slick salesman offering these ridiculous claims, ask them what makes them a “Google affiliate” and to prove it, or just ask them what exactly a “priority submission” is. I’m sure your will be hearing a lot of “ums” and “uhs” over the line. Due to the gazillion and one variables that go into improving rankings, its very unlikely that these “SEO” companies could ever keep a promise like that.

Reason 1: Google runs updates and makes changes quite frequently, so even if you do make first page, there is no guarantee that you are going to stay there. It is an ongoing process to TRY to keep you there.

Reason 2: Signing up for different services such as, Reach Local, Yodle or Ad words Express can all effect your rankings and can actually inhibit the work an SEO company puts in to improve your rankings.

Reason 3: Google is a very specific engine, and depending on what your settings are set to, or if you are logged into a Google account or not, this can effect the results you see.

So please people, watch out for yourselves and your company. The risks of having some more than shady “SEO” company take over your online marketing; can cost your business a lot more than you may have bargained for.

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3 Reasons NO SEO Company Can Guarantee Google Rankings

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