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The Power of PPC

You may not realize it, but your SEO company does not stop work after they are done with your initial website build. A properly optimized site can do wonders for Google rankings, elevating page rankings, map rankings, and organically bringing in new business. This can be tough when there are bloated marketplaces though. These occur in major cities, where every industry is utilizing the same keyterms and going after the same pool of customers. How can you boost your site ranking when every block in any direction houses a business in direct competition with you? PPC is one way to gain exposure, and can be an incredibly effective tool.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s a form of internet marketing that can be particularly useful for small businesses. That is because advertisers are only charged when someone clicks on a link of theirs. The links appear based on keyterm searches, and the more desirable the keyterm the more money the click ends up costing. These fluctuate based on keyterm popularity, and a business can specify which keyterms they would like their ad to appear for.

PPC and You

Our local PPC expert, Kayla Bushnell says that, “You can target in specific areas like your city, or literally block around your store front. It ensures that you are always there when your customers are searching Google for a product or service you offer.”

Pay per click requires constant vigilance. Ms. Bushnell went on to explain that, “I have to make sure that my clients are not going over budget and are in the top 3 positions of Ads.” To achieve that they have to, “be above the top bid page.” This can be difficult when the bid increases with every search.

With careful management strategies, PPC can be incredibly beneficial. It serves as a double threat to the competition, directly bringing in clientele and increasing your webpages metric pull with every click onto your site. Customers only see your services when they are already searching for them, so you get the opportunity to reach an immediately interested client.

PPC metrics can also prove invaluable when analyzing your website. These include:

    • ROI (Return on investment): Shows the overall net revenue of the campaign.
    • CTR (Click-through rate): The percentage of users who click on an ad when shown it.
    • CPL (Cost-per-lead): How much a lead costs versus the amount of revenue generated.

There are many more tools in a PPC campaigner’s arsenal, all of which are designed to help the client get the most business for their money. These allow the campaign to be changed on the fly so that you get the most from your PPC campaign. If the CTR is too low the advertisement can be changed. If the CPL isn’t high enough new keywords can be targeted. This allows for a constantly evolving and effective campaign.

A company offering comprehensive SEO solutions will be able to provide you with an incredible PPC campaign, so don’t wait to contact your local SEO company and ask for PPC as part of your next contract package.

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The Power of PPC

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