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The Horror! The Horror…of a 404 Error (Costume)!

Effective Web Solutions employees came up with some clever SEO-themed costumes for Halloween this year. That’s not just a panda you see there. That is Google’s Panda Update. And the penguin? Yep, you guessed it. That is the Penguin Update. Those updates can be tricky to navigate and, as such, the two were checking the H1 and H2s on websites and making sure metadescriptions include key words—and don’t get them started about thin content! The Penguin Update did a lot of judging of people’s back-links for quality. As for the 404  error well, she popped up as a surprise just when she was least expected.

Teisha McCarthy, Effective Web Solution’s Adwords Manager, said she isn’t sure how the idea of being a Panda Update first dawned on her, but she was happy to find an “easy, clever costume that would be fun for work.”

Kayla Bushnell, also an Adwords Manager, said the idea of the costume came up earlier in the month when she had a 404 error come up on her screen. The idea of a 404 error costume had a perfect mix of being “scary, easy to make, and work-related, ” said Bushnell. When the two saw their coworker, Haley Samuelson, come in without a costume, and realizing they had plenty of touch-up make up to spare, they made her into a Penguin Update to server as a companion for the Panda.

Some other costumes around the office included an authentic ancestral Scottish tartan kilt replete with sporran and a “traditional black hoodie,” a pirate, and a Native American outfit.

The Effective Web Solutions group took their show on the road and went out to see who else was dressed up for the day. The owner of Ginger Juice had a lovely Old English-style barmaid costume, including a curly blond wig. The barkeep at Amnesia Brewing had a lavishly done Mother Earth costume with vines and leaves painted on her face, neck, and arms. All and all it was a fun walk through town.



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The Horror! The Horror…of a 404 Error (Costume)!

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