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Local Internet Marketing Agency Helps Vancouver Mall With Rebranding

Effective Web Solutions Helps Local Mall With Digital Marketing After Rebranding

Vancouver, WA- It’s important for companies to be able to reach their potential customers through the internet, as many of those customers are turning to the internet in order to research and compare products and even entire companies. Effective Web Solutions is a Vancouver centered company that provides top of the line digital marketing solutions for companies that are having trouble being seen by their potential clients. One of their current projects is the rebranding and search engine optimization of the Vancouver Mall, which underwent a change of ownership and a change of name in December of 2015.

Once the Westfield Vancouver Mall (in honor of the Westfield Corp who previously owned the property), the newly rechristened Vancouver Mall has reached out to Effective Web Solutions in order to complete a rebranding. By the time the deal was finalized, the new owner had already pulled the name Westfield from the mall’s website and Facebook page, leaving many a little confused. Effective Web Solutions, a Vancouver internet marketing agency, hopes to bring old customers and new alike back into the Vancouver Mall’s light through their SEO and digital marketing services. The company brings a lot to the table for the Vancouver Mall, including two Best of Clark County Web Consulting and Marketing Firm awards from 2014 and 2015.

The rebranding for Vancouver Mall couldn’t have come at a better time, as US shopping malls are struggling to maintain their relevance when faced with competition from online shopping outlets and lower cost retailers like WalMart. Malls also face opposition from upscale local outlets in urban shopping districts, which provide a more personalized boutique style of shopping. Malls across the US are no longer just about shopping, as they were even a few years ago. Malls, and other businesses who are losing their customers to the trend of online shopping, need to fully understand the needs of their market in order to create a oneofakind experience that visitors can’t get online. The first step to understanding the market is connecting with the market, which is where Effective Web Solution’s SEO services come into play.

Effective Web Solutions, a search engine optimization company in Vancouver, Washington, has been called upon to aid in the rebranding and search engine optimization of the Vancouver Mall in Washington which was purchased in December of 2015 from Westfield, the Australian company who owned the property. After purchase, the mall was christened the Vancouver Mall again and the property hopes that search engine optimization will be the key ingredient to driving more traffic to the mall and reinstating its relevance.

About the Company:
Effective Web Solutions
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Local Internet Marketing Agency Helps Vancouver Mall With Rebranding

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