Successful Social Media Marketing in Portland

As a small business entrepreneur, you probably want to do everything possible to market your business. You advertise online, maybe even in print or on the air. Are you taking advantage of perhaps the most important form of marketing in this generation? We’re talking about social media marketing in Portland. If you don’t have a social media campaign, you’re missing out on business. Here at Effective Web Solutions, we handle it all for you.

Portland Social Media

Mass Saturation with Social Media

There are billions of people who are connected to social media. Most of these platforms feature ways for companies to reach their existing customers and to find new ones. Here at EWS we are very experienced with the top social media services.

  • Facebook: The most popular social media network around. With something approaching 2 billion profiles, it can seem like too big of a network to master. Facebook has a powerful advertising system that allows you to narrow down your focus so you can target customers in your area. Your ads reach people who have a genuine interest in what you do.
  • Twitter: Perhaps the simplest of all social media, Twitter lets companies communicate with their customers through brief but memorable tweets. Twitter posts often receive a lot of media coverage beyond the site itself.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a popular image sharing service. You upload a photo, you create a small bit of text to support it and you send it off to your fans. Instagram influencers can single-handedly drive a brand towards success.
  • YouTube: Featuring far more than just silly cat videos, YouTube is home to advertising, DIY content, vlogs and more. If you’re a service-based business or you sell a unique product, putting up videos can really drive customer interaction.

Social Media Marketing Vancouver WA

Social Media Marketing for You

It’s powerful, and it delivers proven results. How hard can it be to run your own social media campaign? A truly successful marketing campaign requires dedicated man-hours. You could make random posts, hoping to hit the mark, but that’s not how the biggest companies do it.

A social media marketing expert researches their topic to find the hottest areas of interest online. Then they craft content to catch the trend, which improves visibility for your company. Additionally, engaging customer responses across all of the major platforms is very time-consuming. You’re much better off to hire an experienced firm to take care of it for you. At EWS we free you up so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

We can run your social media accounts and ads for you, and also take care of other services. There are many plans to choose from. You can upgrade as your business grows to maintain your success. Call (503) 278-5603 or Contact Us to bring your business up to start mastering social media marketing in Portland today.

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