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Offsite Links: Why They Matter

The World of SEO and offsite linking.
Building Up SEO Through Link Building

Anchor Text, Quality Control, Linked from Location.

Google has many ways of ranking a web page; among them are the number of “quality links,” and the text contained within them. This text contained within the link, or “anchor text” is in fact, one of the strongest indicators of rank. What this means is, if you want a high ranking on a Google search, you must focus on much more than just the number of links pointing to your domain. Be careful when link building though, because Google considers any sudden and large number of links pointing toward your page to be spam. Any hint of spam-linking will decrease your Google rank.

Where to start Link Building

Offsite Blog Articles

One great way to increase your backlink profile is to create or participate in offsite blogs that link to your website. Blog articles offer a place of interest where readers can find entertaining, informative, and useful information. When the links are created on top-rated blog sites, such as Blogger and WordPress, the established reputation of these sites helps increase the “quality” part, in Google’s eyes.

What to look for when Link Building

Look for Consistently Fresh Content

Links are subject to diminishing returns, and in many cases we have seen Google give priority to sites that provide consistently fresh and high quality content that don’t spam or over use keyphrases and links. A site or link can become stagnant when the site has no fresh content. The value or weight of each link diminishes with each link on a page or coming from a domain. That is why choosing multiple blog sites that consistently add new material can make a difference. Google likes websites with new, ongoing content begin added, you also get more out of each link if the site does not have too many links point out from it. Finding blogs and niche sites that meet this criteria will keep the links fresh and relevant.

Likeable Content

The popularity of a site can also change value or weight of a link coming from it. Social indicators, links, likes, shares, tweets, and internal shares are all indicators for Google to know how much people actually like this content. This is another reason to choose offsite blogs that publish on well-known sites, like Blogger. The more views, likes, shares, etc. a blog has, the more relevant it becomes. Then that blog’s having a link to your website will likewise increase the relevance of your website.

So, besides finding blogs on popular sites to link to your site, you also want the content of the blog to be interesting. The more interesting, humorous, or in some way noteworthy a blog post is, the more it will get passed around. Once an article goes viral, or at least is shared through social media or social media marketing, it instantly increases the views. This means more people can click the link through to your site and find your services, as well as a higher Google ranking.

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Offsite Links: Why They Matter

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