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Need an Assistant? Try this neat little automation tool

If This Then That,, is quickly becoming one of the best automation tools for small tasks, especially for business owners.

Essentially there are recipes that you can copy or create that lets you accomplish menial tasks that seem simple, but if you aren’t a programmer and don’t have an assistant , can truly make you crazy.

There are currently 69 different available channels, each of which has it’s own set of triggers.  All of the big names,  Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Tumbler, WordPress etc are all available to work with.

“If this “(the first part of their name) is a trigger and the “then that” is essentially the action.  So below are some examples that you could use in your day to day life to make it a little easier.

Enter a contact into your phone:  That person automatically gets an email saying   it was nice to meet you!  Don’t you look efficient!

Make a post on your Facebook Fan Page:   It can then automatically post to your blog page on a wordpress site.

Enter an appointment into Google:  Get an SMS alert to remind you of your Calendar appointment.  Yes you can set a reminder while you are entering the appointment but I have a tendency to forget, so this cures the problem!

Schedule a reminder: To review starred gmail emails

Watch a specific stock : Get a text when the stock hits the price you want to buy or sell at.

I recently had a client that had a dilemma and I found this solution for him. It was super easy for him to get it set up and taken care of, all by himself !  Give it a whirl

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Need an Assistant? Try this neat little automation tool

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