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The Top 6 Benefits Of An Effective Business Blog

Most people nowadays know what blogging is, but too many business owners have yet to learn about all the fantastic benefits of including a business blog on your website. Consider it a long-term investment! Here are some of the many great things that a blog can do for your business.

1. Build your online presence. Blogging allows you to share and post things on the Internet regularly. It’s an opportunity to build a community of followers, prospective customers, and colleagues, while showing your leadership potential at the same time. The more frequently you are uploading quality, appealing blog posts to the Internet, the more your name will pop up in virtual and face-to-face conversations, opening the door for various marketing and networking possibilities.

2. Search engine marketing. There are many different ways that a blog will effectively market your business online, especially through search engine optimization. You can strategically place inconspicuous keywords throughout your posts; these will be words or phrases that people are likely to look up on a search engine such as Google. Additionally, you’ll want to aim for the highest amount of website traffic because the posts that are viewed most frequently will have better rankings. To do this, you should be posting regularly, at least once a week. You’ll also want to be writing original, appealing, and useful posts. This will encourage more people to click on your post, comment, and share on their social media profiles. In turn, this will continue to raise your traffic and improve your rankings.

3. More control over your online marketability. Routine blogging allows you to have more control in the way that you are reaching out to prospective customers or colleagues. You can choose the message that you want to send to the public, as well as the audience you are trying to communicate with.

4. Brand building. Through your blogs, you are able to connect with your potential or current customers on a more personal level, which will build your relationship with them, separate you from your competitors, show your credibility, establish trust, and hopefully strike a positive and resonating response.

5. Current events or trends target specific audiences. Keep yourself up to date on current events and trending topics within your industry; blog about them in order to attract the attention of your desired audience. Monitor your website analytics to find out which posts have the most views, and use that information to keep your readers coming back for more.

6. Blog features can increase your website’s overall traffic. There are many different things you can include in your blog to increase the traffic on your blog, as well as your company’s website overall. Take advantage of the “share” buttons for social networking websites, encourage your readers to leave comments, and include links back to your website. Offer your readers discounts, let them know about upcoming specials, and keep them informed on what’s new with your business. Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool and get creative!

If you’re willing to put in the time, blogging can be surprisingly effective for you and your business. Remember though, quality over quantity! Plan ahead before each post, and take the time to review and edit when you’re finished. It will be worth it!

For some people, however, it can be a lot to think about, especially if you’re too busy to commit. If that’s you, you should look into hiring an SEO business to do it for you. For Internet marketing and SEO in Vancouver, Tacoma, or Seattle, WA, give us a call at Effective Web Solutions. We have years of experience in the ever-changing world of online marketing and will be happy to help you and your business!

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The Top 6 Benefits Of An Effective Business Blog

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