The Power of Social Media Marketing in Salem

You work hard to make sure that your business is running well. After all, it’s how you feed your family, pay your employees and serve your customers. The fact is that your hard work is not enough for complete success. To truly excel you have to take advantage of every chance to connect with customers. At Effective Web Solutions, we’re the best team for social media marketing in Salem, OR.

Salem Social Media

Cross-Platform Social Media Marketing

There are hundreds of social media sites and services around the world. The best thing about this is that they serve every interest and customer group. You can target your efforts for maximum return. Some of the many social media networks we can work with include:

  • Facebook: Long considered the king of social media, Facebook has a global reach that extends into the homes of billions of people. Their powerful advertising tools allow you to make impressions on exactly the people that you want to drive to your site.
  • Twitter: Changing the world in 280 characters or less. In just a few words your tweets can go viral, spreading across the internet and onto TV and other platforms if they become popular enough. Twitter has one of the most engaged user bases on the internet.
  • YouTube: You might not think of your business as a video studio, but with the right application you can increase your business dramatically. Think of do-it-yourself tutorials for contractor services, general advice for law firms, and more. The most popular YouTube creators have subscribers that number into the tens of millions. We create content for your own YouTube account or partner with established creators to reach existing customer bases.

Social Media Platforms for Every Business

The benefits of social media go beyond the traditional goal of getting your site seen. They allow your customers to directly engage with you. Over time this grows, fostering goodwill and repeat business. After a certain point, your social media followers start to spread the message on their own. You effectively turn your customers into your advertisers.

Getting your social media presence to this level takes a lot of work. It’s a full-time job, and you’re already busy running your company. To get the most advantage out of social media, you need a team that understands social media marketing like no one else.

Social Media Marketing Salem

Trust EWS for Social Media Marketing in Salem

This is just a sample of what we can do when it comes to social media marketing in Salem. We offer packages that cover just this service, or all-encompassing online marketing campaigns. The plans are available in a range of budget levels. This means you can choose one no matter which stage of growth your business is in. Call (503) 278-5603 or Contact Us to accelerate the speed and enhance the power of your social media marketing in Salem today.

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