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Tips For Helping Your Online Marketing Team Write Excellent Content

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Sometimes a paper and pen do wonders for listing out what you want to write about!

Want to catapult your website to the top of the internet? There’s only one surefire way to do it: help your online marketing team at Effective Web Solutions write quality content. Content is an important component of web design, providing users a reason to stay on the website and explore. We’re regularly writing upfront, remaining and blog content for small businesses and contractors like plumbing, roofing, electricity and more.

Unfortunately, these are fields in which we are not experts and which require specialized knowledge. When we write content we have one aim: to write your website for multiple readers, each of whom will have different skill levels and aptitude according to the subject matter. To that end, we have tips for you that can help us turn your website into the envy of your local industry!

Provide As Much Technical Information As Possible

One of the most common readers for your site isn’t even a person but will still read your website over and over again just to grade it. This reader is the Google Search Algorithm, which formulates a code using emergent artificial intelligence and learns how to prioritize the most relevant products and services for each query and location.

Providing the content writers of your internet marketing service with the details of your services, procedures and technical knowledge helps us write better content for this algorithm and will shoot your website’s service pages right to the top. Clear explanations of provided services, products, pricing arrangements, certifications, licenses, warranties and guarantees are extremely attractive to the algorithm.

By providing your online marketing team a launchpad for additional content, we can establish your business’ expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (or E-A-T, as Google likes to call it) and also generate ideas for blog posts. Speaking of…

Don’t Be Afraid to Suggest Ideas For Blog Posts

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The typical EWS content writer’s workspace is supercharged by online SEO tools like Frase.

Quite often, the content team at Effective Web Solutions is left to their own devices when we write blog posts. But during your onboarding meeting with the EWS team, don’t be shy to let us know what blog posts you would like to see on your website. This removes the hardest obstacle in any writer’s job: figuring out what to write about.

When we have a template of ideas, we can write fun and knowledgeable blog posts and optimize your site for any search engine. The best blog posts don’t just focus on an immediate bump in traffic. Even though it is a focus of our services and we will promote both service pages and blog posts, we also work to make sure that existing blog posts are easy to read and regularly up-to-date. The goal is to give your website long-lasting and useful information that increases name brand recognition and improves that trustworthiness.

Personally, I love to write blog posts like sleeper pages, often about related subjects or with a historical and comedic angle—they might not generate a ton of traffic immediately, but good writing and a sense of humor can slowly trickle in more and more potential clients who are curious about a specialty or novelty subject. Some of the best blog posts that I have written and generated the most traffic are the oldest and engage readers with stories and wordplay.

You want to draw in readers who are not otherwise outright looking for a solution to a problem but might just be curious. These are readers who are searching for a company that can provide them the knowledge they seek, so it helps to make that knowledge enjoyable to read rather than a drag.

Bonus Tip: Always Seal the Deal and Let Them Know Who You Are!

This one seems a bit rote to explain, so let me give an example.

Here at Effective Web Solutions, our writing team loves being able to create content that is both engaging and fun. We are constantly taking on new projects for new types of businesses that we would not have expected to write for before. The real pleasure in our work is figuring out how to write this compelling content for not just an algorithm but for people as well. When the two converge, it’s like nothing else.

We hope our tips have given you something to consider for the next time we see you. Hopefully as a client, potentially as a repeat reader. Just remember that no matter where you are in the country, Effective Web Solutions wants to be your number one online marketer.

Until next time!

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Tips For Helping Your Online Marketing Team Write Excellent Content

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