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4 SEO Tips for the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching and it is time to roll up your sleeves and see what you can do to improve sales. Whether you offer products or services, there are always winter sales and promotions to be offered. From a pre-winter roof inspection to pre-holiday party teeth whitening, or perhaps a home winterization of your plumbing, there is generally some type of promotion you can spread the word about.

Here is some information to help you brainstorm ways to get those phones ringing and emails coming in.

1. Local Giving, Local Linking

Are your giving to any local charities this year? As you make that end-of-year donation, ask if the charity has a list of donors on their website. If so, why not ask them to add a link to your website under your name. That extra link juice can really add up! You get to help your favorite nonprofit while also giving a boost to your website.

2. Email Campaign those Promotions

Once you identify a seasonal promotion, consider an email campaign to get the word out. If you haven’t been gathering email addresses, start getting them from everyone you meet. Have your service providers ask for an email address at the end of every transaction. Ask people who call and come in your door. Scared they will say no? Offer to include them in a drawing for a Kindle Fire or other enticing gift.

In addition to emailing coupons and special offers, you may consider a quarterly newsletter. That way you keep customers engaged and interested. It is a great way to stay connected.

Talk to us about quickly adding to your collection of customer emails and setting up an advertising campaign.

3. Stay in Touch with Social Media

Now that you’ve got your email campaign ready to go, don’t neglect your social media. Include information about your Kindle Fire (or the like) giveaway for customers who sign up on your email list. Announce your sales and promotions and make sure to include a link to your web page where customers can find updates on your promotions.

Make things personal by announcing that charitable donation you gave. Tell your followers about the cause and why it touched you.

Send out holiday warmth with fun facts or cheerful tips to decrease stress. Give people a reason to connect with your business, other than just sales and promotions. Keep those posts coming, but don’t overdo it. People like to stay connected, but do not want to be harassed by hourly updates.

4. Keep Watch on your Reviews

By now it is no secret that people read online reviews before they make buying decisions. Be aware of what is being said about you online. If you have negative reviews, respond to them calmly and politely. See if you can find a way to make the unhappy customer’s experience a better one, and then ask him or her to remove the negative review.

Now is the time to take care of any negative reviews. Don’t have reviews? Then there is nothing recommend your services to potential customers. Some people get complacent, thinking the testimonials on their website are enough. They aren’t. Customers are looking to Yelp, Google+, Angie’s List and the like for what they consider to be an “unbiased” account of your services. Give us a call for more about improving your reputation management.

There is a lot of spending going on during the holiday season. Get the most out of it with special offers and get the word out there!

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4 SEO Tips for the Holidays

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