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Identifying the right SEO Company

How to Find the SEO Company for You

Having the right SEO company managing your web presence can make all the difference. The right company can help grow your local customer base, break into new markets, and expand your business. The wrong company can also leave you feeling stuck. There are some important things you need to know before we continue.

Keep in mind…

  1. Everyone plays by the same rules. When it comes to ranking your pages on Google, everyone has to play by the same rules. Google is continually attempting to catch attempts to circumvent their system, and that system is very intelligent. If you choose a company that uses underhanded tactics like re-using content, link farming, or worse without telling you, you could be one update a way from losing every spot you have.
  2. SEO takes time. In order for a website and its individual pages to settle in rankings it can take as long as 9 months. If your SEO company was forced to work with your previous URL and it already had Google penalties attached to it, it can take a year or longer. Results are not instant. Though large change can occur quickly for certain pages, this is usually in less competitive and less populated locations. For major cities you just have to sit tight. This is true for every company you work with, because they are dependent on Google and other search engines. There is no way to speed up the process, and slow growth in a major area should not be discounted.
  3. The decisions you make matter. As a client you have access to the ability to make sweeping changes. This can include address changes, URL changes, and more, but these decisions matter. Consulting with your SEO company and listening to their advice is your best strategy. Multiple changes to URL’s can lead to long term penalties. Address and phone number changes can destroy valuable citations work. Failing to check for a Google Verification PIN number can hold your website up for days or force you to change addresses. Working in harmony with your SEO company is the quickest route to success.

SEO Company Consideration Factors Include:

  • Pedigree – It’s important to work with an established company. Ask for samples of their current work, especially if they have worked with other companies in your industry. A broad range of designs can indicate a creative development team. Find out how long they have been in business. It’s a good sign when a company has weathered the recent economic downturn, it can indicate success on behalf of their clients as well.
  • Services – Identifying what services they offer is incredibly important. If your SEO company is only capable of creating your website, it leaves you with a scattered marketing presence. You’ll need someone to host, a different company for reputation management, and if your strategy changes you may need to contact all of them when something changes with one. Having all your necessary services under one roof allows for a cohesive strategy and eliminates many potential problems.
  • Teamwork – In order to get the most from your SEO company, it has to be more than a one man show. A company with dedicated staff members working on particular aspects of your marketing campaign ensures that things get done in a timely fashion, and get done correctly. It also means there’s always someone to contact in the event you need help, or your site needs immediate attention. A single person can only focus on one client at a time, a team doesn’t have to.
  • Personalization – Every business is different, and you don’t want an SEO company that runs you through a website mill. Your website should reflect your taste, and having a developer that works with you is incredibly important. Keywords should be chosen with your SEO company so that you have the strongest chance to rank and turn consumers into paying customers. Original content is a major factor, and you should be wary of any company that re-uses your information from page to page, or even site to site.

There are additional factors you’ll need to consider for yourself. These include pricing, the ability to scale, hosting services, and build-out packages. Every company offers something a little different, but spending less in the short-term can often lead to much greater losses in the long-term. For an SEO company with strong team dynamics, robust services, and a history of excellent work call (888) 400-4002 or Contact Us today.

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Identifying the right SEO Company

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