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The Power of Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC marketing for local businesses has become a great way to launch a highly targeted Branding, Instant Response, or Lead Generation campaign to gain new prospects and customers. Having a well thought out strategy with clear objectives and benchmarks to hit can produce huge increases in sales volumes and your bottom line. Precise tracking and monitoring allows you to not only deliver your products or services on a 70 character silver platter, but will give you extensive analytics data to ensure you are achieving your targeted ROI.

Why would Paying Per Click be a good idea? That sounds expensive….

This is a common concern for most business owners when considering using adwords for the first time. Although from my experience many owners don’t realize they are already using adwords, but through a reseller or Internet Yellow page Provider (IYP) like DexKnows,, Super Media, Super Pages, AT&T, etc.

This is a keyword traffic estimate for 100 keywords associated with an automotive repair shop in Portland Oregon.

This client was paying an IYP. Company $795 a month for his Ad campaign with them.

He received only 63 clicks in one month.

Do the math… 63 clicks x Avg. CPC $2.55=$160.65


The difference between managing your own account has a much higher return on investment because you control the percentages of how your money is allocated. Your budget is broken up between management fee (to your provider) and adspend (to Google). Most IYP’s will take your average Cost Per Click for your keywords and multiply that number by the estimated clicks Google suggests that you will receive in a 30 day period, and then add on their inflated cost to determine the price you will pay monthly.

It takes time, knowledge and experience to get the most out of Google Adwords for local businesses. This is where we make the difference…

Our Search Engine Marketing team is trained, tried and true. We understand that the key to your success is to help you understand how to track performance and results based on your profits. Call Monique Bushnell for a free consultation on whether or not sponsored ads on Google are a good fit for your business or industry. 888-400-4002

Case Study: Automotive repair shop

You will get a one on one approach during our appointment where you will have a chance to develop achievable goals that matter to you. For example: One automotive client that we have referenced in this article has a goal of generating enough revenue growth to hire 2 new master techs within 1 year so that he can afford to spend more time away from the shop and more with his family and at the race track. So far we are getting closer to that goal than projected.

Names have been changed to protect clients privacy

In May of 2011 we began working with John at When we first started John had been feeling the effects of the economy and sales were down. He was $23,000 behind his year to date figures from 2010 and needed to find a solution to this decline and fast. A Pay Per Click campaign was a great option to bring him new business NOW!

We implemented a Pay Per Click campaign to target searches being done within a 25 mile radius from his location for the services he provides. We divided these services into related categories such as Brake Repair, Check Engine Light, Fuel Injector Services, Heating and Cooling System, Oil Change and Regular Maintenance.

Our team then went to work finding the search terms with the highest traffic volumes and lowest cost per clicks. These keywords were organized by their relationship to the above groups mentioned. By having a structurally sound account that is organized and targeted, we began developing creative ad text that was compelling to his target audience that would distinguish him as a leader in the industry above his competitors on the 1st page of Google.

His wife Stacy is the one primarily fielding inbound calls at the shop, so one of the unique ways we helped track our effectiveness was using the call to action… “Call Stacy for an appointment”

This worked out great! By creating a personal touch to our ads with her name we reported that those ads were clicked 37% than ads that simply said the obvious…” Automotive repair Portland”

We have at least 3+ creative ads being split tested and measured for optimal performance. We can all rant and rave about how great our ads are; but ultimately the only one who can determine that is the potential customer doing the search for your business.

Now in October of 2011 we are happy to report some exciting results that have John and Stacy referring us to their dentist, attorney, CPA, delivery guy, Vet, Local Barista and friends on his Facebook page.

  • At the end of May 2010 vs. the YTD on May of 2011 John was $22,948.27 behind his previous year’s sales projections.
  • By the end of October 2011 we were able to help John catch up and even exceed his previous year’s accomplishments by $3,875.35.
  • Within a 5 month period our new strategies that we implemented with John got him out of his deficit and back in the Green by generating an extra $26,823.62 in gross revenue in 5 months.
  • John and Tracy have been so pleased with our performance they are now looking into the next steps towards their overall strategy with us. SEO and Social Media will be the next components on the horizon.


This is just one example of one client in one industry. Don’t get me wrong, Pay per Click may not always be the best option for all advertisers out there. This is a good avenue to test out with little risk involved.

  • You will have Control – over your budget, ads, delivery times, etc.
  • You will have Flexibility – To target your ideal audience, offer promotions, seasonal products or services, advertise special events, etc.
  •  You will Reach – Putting yourself in front of the people who are actively searching for a provider in your industry or profession, for your products or services, in your geographic location, that are ready to Buy Now!
  • You will have Real Results – Extensive tracking and measuring allows our advertisers to keep a close eye on their KPI’s (key performance indicators) in real time. Allocating more of the budget towards their most profitable efforts and eliminating the wasted spend that does not result in a positive ROI. You will be able to say “Yeah, I spent $2000 on advertising and marketing but I profited $xx, 000 in return”.

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The Power of Pay Per Click Marketing

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