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With so many things to do each day it can be easy for a business owner to get overwhelmed.

Here are some solutions that you may or may not know of to help you manage your day to day tasks a little easier.

Google email just rolled out “smartlabels”:  Your email now can be categorized, and essentially trained,  to be organized in different buckets if you will.

The default labels are forums, notifications, social updates, and promotions.  It is pretty intuitive and makes it a whole lot easier to go in and review (delete, and manage) your emails if you are an email hoarder like I am.

If you ever feel something is miscategorized, which I find rare, you can select a different category , or label.

In addition you obviously can create other labels to file away for future reference, for instance I have productivity/industry reading, and key information to keep (that traditional “CYA” folder)

All you need to do is go into your settings, go under labs,  and enable smart labels.  Pretty easy.

There also is some pretty cool other features you can enable in there as well like: viewing your Google calendar while you are in your emails, Google docs that allows a work in progress spreadsheet to be shared to who ever you want, and Google Drive that enables you now to send super large files via email.

Another thing that I find helpful for a lot of businesses is to use Google alerts.  This is something that can be used if you want to monitor what is being said about your company on Google for instance or who is possibly publishing content on a particular keyword phrase(s), or even competitors that you are tracking.

Just go to and follow the directions, it is super easy.

Another one of my favorite organizational tools is Evernote.  You can access it from every computer phone or mobile device you have and essentially will keep you from ever losing track of a project, to do list, industry research you are conducting etc with the ability to upload pictures, audio, pdf’s etc.

I love the ability to search my notes by keywords and even words inside of pictures.  You also can save your favorite webpages for future reference which is great if you are trying to for example trying to save examples of websites that you like for your next re-design.

Are you trying to keep up on social media? If so a tool I love is Notifier for Twitter.  It’s another Google Chrome plug in, but it allows me to see everyone ‘s tweets that I follow….but beware if you are A.D.D like me you will find yourself mesmerized by all the posts being done and its easy to get drawn in.   You also can use it to send out a quick tweet as well without ever leaving the project at hand!

I know that a lot of this revolves around Google products, but since they have a almost 65% overall dominance in the search engine world, I figure most of you probably are using it.  As for me, in my industry, it’s a love/hate relationship.  Love Google for the opportunity they have provided for our company, hate them because they love to change the rules to keep us guessing and pulling out our hair.

These tools will at least help you keep some of your sanity, and quite possibly even impress yourself on how quickly you can get and keep organized if you start incorporating them right away.    Remember what they say though….if you don’t start using something within 24 hours of the time you learn about it, it will end up on that long list of to-do’s that most likely will never get done.

Monique Rice is the VP Sales/Marketing of Effective Web Solutions, a full service digital marketing agency in Washougal Washington.  Effective Web Solutions specializes in web design, search engine optimization, pay per click management (Google adwords) and social media marketing.    You can reach Monique at her office  360-562-0535 ext 112 or by emailing her at [email protected]

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