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The Best Elementary Schools in Vancouver, WA: A Comprehensive Guide

Vancouver, Washington, is a city known for its natural beauty, friendly community, and excellent educational opportunities. For parents seeking the best elementary schools in the area, this guide will provide valuable insights into the top-rated institutions. To compile this list, we’ve relied on two trusted sources: US News and GreatSchools. These platforms have evaluated schools based on various factors such as academic performance, student-teacher ratios, and parent reviews. Let’s explore the best elementary schools Vancouver, WA has to offer.

Top-Ranked Schools by US News

US News, a respected source for educational rankings, has identified some of the best elementary schools in Vancouver, WA. Leading the list is Salmon Creek Elementary School, known for its exceptional academic programs and dedicated teaching staff. US News also highlights Union Ridge Elementary School and Lakeshore Elementary School for their impressive performance in student achievement.

Salmon Creek Elementary School Salmon

Creek Elementary School is a top-rated institution in Vancouver, WA, according to both US News and GreatSchools. This school excels in providing a well-rounded education and has a strong focus on nurturing the students’ academic growth. With a low student-teacher ratio, Salmon Creek Elementary ensures that each child receives the individual attention they need to succeed.

Union Ridge Elementary School

Union Ridge Elementary School is another outstanding choice for parents in Vancouver, WA. Recognized by US News for its academic excellence, Union Ridge has a history of helping students reach their full potential. The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities and has a reputation for fostering a positive learning environment.

Lakeshore Elementary School

Lakeshore Elementary School is celebrated for its commitment to student success. US News highlights Lakeshore’s strong academic programs, dedicated teachers, and impressive standardized test scores. Parents in the Vancouver area appreciate the school’s emphasis on fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills


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Top-Rated Schools by GreatSchools

GreatSchools, another reputable resource for parents, has recognized several elementary schools in Vancouver, WA for their outstanding performance. Among them, Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School stands out for its remarkable teacher-student relationships and high test scores. Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School and Chinook Elementary School also receive high praise from GreatSchools for their exceptional educational offerings.

Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School

Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School consistently ranks as one of the best elementary schools in Vancouver, WA, according to GreatSchools. Parents and students alike appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the school, which creates a conducive environment for learning. Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary’s dedicated faculty and staff are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience.

Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School and Chinook Elementary School

Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School and Chinook Elementary School are two more excellent options for parents seeking quality education in Vancouver, WA. Both schools are recognized by GreatSchools for their dedication to fostering a positive learning environment and helping students achieve their academic goals.


Choosing the right elementary school for your child is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their future. Fortunately, Vancouver, WA, boasts several outstanding options. Schools like Salmon Creek Elementary, Union Ridge Elementary, and Lakeshore Elementary have received recognition from US News for their academic achievements. Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary, Sarah J. Anderson Elementary, and Chinook Elementary have earned accolades from GreatSchools for their commitment to students’ overall development.

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Ultimately, the best elementary school for your child depends on your specific needs and priorities. Be sure to visit the schools, talk to teachers and staff, and gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Vancouver, WA, is home to a range of exceptional elementary schools, and with careful consideration, you can find the perfect fit for your child’s education.

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What criteria are considered when ranking the best elementary schools in Vancouver, WA?
The rankings typically consider factors like academic performance, student-teacher ratios, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and parent reviews.
Are there any tuition fees for the best elementary schools in Vancouver?
Public elementary schools in Vancouver, WA are typically tuition-free. However, some private or charter schools may have tuition fees.
Can I request a school transfer if my child is not assigned to one of the best elementary schools?
Yes, many schools offer an open enrollment or transfer process, allowing parents to request a transfer to a different school within the district.
How can I find out more about a specific elementary school's curriculum and programs?
You can contact the school directly, attend open houses or information sessions, and review the school’s website for details on curriculum, extracurriculars, and programs.
Do the best elementary schools in Vancouver, WA provide support for students with special needs?
Yes, public schools are required to provide support and accommodations for students with special needs through individualized education plans (IEPs) and other resources.
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The Best Elementary Schools in Vancouver, WA: A Comprehensive Guide

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