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Why invest in SEO?

So you may be new to the concept of SEO. Your business has been humming along, and you certainly aren’t struggling, but you aren’t where you want to be. Maybe business has taken a dip recently, maybe it never reached a comfortable level. You’ve tried traditional methods like mailers, local ad books, and television spots, but nothing seems to make a substantial impact on business. Have you considered where you might be ranking though? When someone searches for a specific service online, do they have a way to find you, or are they getting pages of your competitors while your shop remains empty?

Why invest in SEO

SEO provides a host of valuable benefits, and not all of them are as obvious as you might think. Consider these benefits before taking the plunge, but don’t wait too long because it’s guaranteed your competitors aren’t.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Quick, who is your biggest competitor? In order to maintain a business that is competitive, first you must compete. Think about how many major competitors you have in a 5 square mile radius. Why is it then, that when you type in certain phrases, it’s local businesses that show up? Google takes many factors into account including business location, proximity to the searching user, relevance to the search term, and much more. The only way to beat the big boys it to join the fight. Just because there are big box options available, it doesn’t mean that users will choose them, especially when you have targeted SEO on your side. With quality search engine optimization you can outrank competitors, and with good reviews, even if you don’t, you may get that business anyway. If you don’t try, you’ll achieve neither.

Winning the Rank Race

There are a plethora of factors that help a site to rank, and SEO companies don’t just focus in one area. They function as your optimization team, ensuring that your site gets high rankings for as many terms as possible. This is achieved through multiple efforts that provide you with quality content that fulfills your customers needs, great design work that makes their experience on your site fast, intuitive, and easy on any device, link building that provides your site with quality connections to other high-ranking sites, and much more.

Targeted Marketing

Though you may be new to SEO, you certainly aren’t new to local. Nearly every customer who walks in your door is a local customer, and so are the vast majority of customers searching for your business. Many search from home, but they also search while out and about. SEO can help you get those customers in the door, and ensure they find your business when looking. Many customers search for services in slightly different ways, and a good SEO company can ensure they’ll see your company no matter how they look for it. Instead of casual searching, these users are actively searching for your services, and targeted SEO reaches them.

Tracking Statistics

Everything you do online has an effect on your business. You may not know what it is, but Google does. There are analytic options that allow SEO companies to learn and utilize valuable information about your customer base. This includes information like how long they stay on certain pages, what they searched for in order to get to your site, and what links they clicked through to. All of this can be put to use to improve the user experience, tailoring future work around the designs, layouts, and keyterms that are most effective for online customer retention.

User Experience

Today’s customers associate your web design and their experience with it to the quality of your services or work. Poor web design may indicate a lack of detail or workmanship, even if it has no real world bearing on your business practices. A full-service SEO firm can ensure users have a great experience on your site, it is easy to use, and most importantly of all, it reflects well of your business, inspiring both confidence and trust in your customers.

The benefits of SEO are enormous. So don’t wait to call (360) 450-5171 or contact your experienced local SEO company today for local SEO that works. .

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Why invest in SEO?

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