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More than Local SEO

Local SEO

When you think about local SEO, what comes to mind? For many businesses it’s all about location, location, location. What areas are you near, what markets do you have access to, and more importantly, how can you tap into these markets? At the end of the day the goal is always to drive business forward. You want more customers, which creates more business. Your SEO company can do a great deal; marketing campaigns reach previous customers, carefully tailored SEO gets you found and SEM can help get new searchers. What about the community though? Do your neighbors know who you are, and when they drive by do they think, “I haven’t heard of them before.” or do they think, “Oh! I remember that company, I could really use a ___.”

Local Engagement

Small businesses that weather the ups and downs of a turbulent economic landscape all have one thing in common, they’re fixtures in their community. Residents don’t view these businesses as a business, they view them as their business. That sense of ownership isn’t accomplished by merely existing, though existing and providing the best service in the area can help. No, in order to be viewed as a community institution, a small business must engage with the community.

Becoming a Local Legend

Does your business’s hometown have a sports team in the major league, minor league or, little league? Does the city put on any local events, like local markets, yearly festivals, or celebrations? Are there local non-profit organizations that have runs, walks, or other events to raise money and awareness?

Every single one of these is an opportunity for engagement and to be seen. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sponsoring local events, teams, and charities in your community show residents that you’re willing to invest in them. When you show individuals that you aren’t just out to sell them something, but that some of those funds are going back into the people and city that they care about, they remember it. This can provide a number of benefits you may not have even thought of.

Community Benefits

  • Local Press – When you get into the community, your name gets mentioned by more than just individuals. It gets mentioned in print, it gets mentioned in social media, and it gets mentioned on news and local sites. All of these provide your business with an added boost that can’t be measured, but can be incalculably beneficial. Digital mentions of your company add what’s known in the business as “co-citation” to your businesses site. Search engines like Google will see your name associated with your city on reputable, high ranking sites. This can help to boost your sites rankings, especially if they link to your website.
  • New Customers – Getting into the community is a great way to reach new customers. Even if the people you are interacting with don’t end up using your service directly, if you leave a positive imprint in their memory when a friend or family member needs that service, they’ll think of you. A recent study shows that American are increasingly shopping with companies they view as socially responsible. Companies that give back. Putting yourself in this position and letting people know you’re their local option for service is a great way to win hearts, minds, and lasting customers.
  • Great Reviews – Reputation is incredibly important in today’s marketplace. With the high visibility of site reviews, and search engines like Google frequently attaching star ratings to search results, it’s so important to make sure your reviews are positive. Our Online Reputation Management Program can help you accomplish this. We need your help to make it a success though, and interacting directly with the community in a positive environment is a great way to solicit positive reviews that give you an edge over local and chain competitors.

Let us know about your local engagements. Adding information on your website about the local events you participate in or charities you support not only helps win over customer conversion, it can also help with local rankings. So get involved and then tell us all about it!

For excellent SEO services and online reputation management that propel your businesses presence on the web call (888) 400-4002 or contact Effective Web Solutions today.

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More than Local SEO

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