Targeted Social Media Marketing in Vancouver, WA

Is your business struggling to find its place in the market? Are you making sales, but you want to start doing more? The key fix to both of these problems is to increase brand awareness. No matter what industry you’re in, social media marketing in Vancouver, WA. Here at Effective Web Solutions, we’re experts in increasing customer engagement through social media platforms.

Vancouver WA Social Media

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

You’ve heard the testimonials about how effective it is, but maybe you’re not sure how it works. Social media platforms allow users to connect with all of their friends and relatives, and to discover new friends who share similar interests. Most of these services have an advertising section that brings targeted content to users. Since each profile features information on hobbies, spending habits, and more, your ads only reach people who have an interest in what you’re promoting.

One of the best benefits of this is that social media platforms all have a “sharing” option. When a user engages your company, they often then share the experience with others. Like a more far-ranging version of word of mouth, social media marketing essentially turns your audience into publicity agents who spread the word about your services.

Social Media Platforms for Every Campaign

There are thousands of platforms out there. We work with the most popular. Just a few of them include:

  • Twitter: Simple, fast and easy to use, Twitter gets your message out to your followers in 280 characters or fewer. It has a more personal atmosphere than many other services, giving users the feeling that they’re actually conversing with your company.
  • Facebook: The social network with the widest reach, there are over a billion unique profiles on the site. Their ad program targets users to a very specific degree that you don’t get anywhere else.
  • YouTube: The classic video streaming site, YouTube is home to millions of videos, ranging from comedy to DIY, marketing to news, and much more. There are billions of view of the videos each day.

Social Media Marketing Vancouver WA

At EWS we help you claim your share of the online marketing space. We can run multiple accounts for you at once, freeing you up to take care of business. Our social media managers are experts in creating fun but professional content to keep users engaged and to encourage repeat business. The time alone that they free you up for every week is more than worth the bringing us onto your team.

A social media campaign can also affect the SEO of your website and other promotional factors. We offer a range of performance packages to make your company more visible online. You can start small and scale up as your success builds. Call (503) 278-5603 or Contact Us to bring your business up to speed with social media marketing in Vancouver, WA today.

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