Targeted Social Media Marketing in Chicago

If you run your own business, you likely understand how difficult it can be to attract new customers. You’ve also seen how well the larger companies use social media to sustain their growth. You can have this same success. All you need to do is work with the Effective Web Solutions team to build an effective campaign for Social Media Marketing in Chicago.

Why Choose Social Media?

Isn’t social media just a place where your relatives hang out to exchange family pictures? No. Social media is the single most powerful marketing innovation of this generation. It’s a global information reserve that allows you, the business owner, to find new customers and perhaps even entirely new markets to tap. Social media has many benefits:

  • Customer Interaction: Your customers get to have what feels like meaningful interaction with your company. This fosters a sense of community and creates goodwill.
  • Marketing Tools: Many of these sites have built-in advertising tools that they can use to connect your service to customers.
  • Authority: If you’ve also got an SEO campaign going, more social media mentions and links to your site can improve the “authority” of your pages. This increases your rank in Google searches.
  • Self-Sustaining: Once you get the message out there, your penetration starts to grow. Your connections spread the word on their own. Essentially your customers become your marketing team.

Working with the Titans of Social Media

So now you know why you need social media. Do you know where you need to set up shop? The team at EWS can manage accounts for you at all of the major platforms. Just a small sampling of what we do includes:

  • Facebook: Not the first, but certainly the most iconic social media platform of the time. There are nearly two billion users on Facebook. Their robust marketing tools help you to find just the ones who are in your area and who need your specific services.
  • YouTube: Maybe you don’t think about creating multimedia content for your company. But what better way to highlight your service or product than to show it in action? Videos get over a billion views on YouTube every day. Yours can be one of them.
  • Twitter: Instant customer connection in under 280 characters is a beautiful thing. Twitter is a growing community whose members tweet and retweet your message every day.

Don’t Go Alone

Social media marketing in Chicago can be tricky. There are thousands of services to navigate. It also takes time and effort to research the right topics and content to put out for maximum customer appeal. You’ve got a business to run, and that’s already a full-time job. At EWS we offer social media management services to take the burden off of you and to increase your overall sales.

Call (888)-400-4002 or Contact Us to make sure that your business can thrive in the new age of social media marketing.

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