Highly Driven SEO in Kansas City

Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re established, it’s important to grow your business. You can’t rely just on word of mouth in this day and age. In order to really drive business, you need an effective SEO strategy. Here at Effective Web Solutions, we’re the experts at SEO in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

SEO in Kansas City

SEO Defined

You’ve probably heard the gurus talking about it, or read breathless articles on SEO. Everyone seems to love it, but what does it do? SEO is short for search engine optimization. It refers to designing your website specifically to make it more attractive to Google during internet searches. Here’s how a typical search works:

  • The Initial Search: A user searches for a term, perhaps “car dealership in Kansas City”.
  • Google Seeks: Google then sets out its bots, combing the internet for sites that are most relevant to the search.
  • Listing and Visits: Google lists the most relevant sites in descending order. The user decides which one to visit.

SEO helps you to plan your entire site around specific key terms. That way, when someone searches for the given term your site shows up higher in the listings. This is important because people tend to visit the top or closest sites. If you don’t rank in the top page, you’re going to lose out on business.

Search-Engine-Optimization-Kansas City

How EWS Improves Your SEO in Kansas City

Talking about SEO is all well and good. What can we do for you and your business? We employ a team of developers, researchers, and writers who work in concert to make sure that your site ranks highly. This is a multi-step process that goes well beyond just writing your key term over and over again on a page.

The developers make sure that your site has all of the information that Google needs in order to rank it on both the regular site and the map of local businesses. This gets you both more online and foot traffic. If you have the highest ranking on a search that no one’s using you won’t get any more visitors. The researchers look up the most popular search terms in your area, and custom tailor terms to suit what people are already looking for. Lastly, our writers tune the content on the site to make sure that it’s both useful to visitors, and also more attractive to Google.

Besides SEO, we also offer many complimentary services. When taken together, each one reinforces the other to make your marketing even more effective. As time goes by your campaign picks up steam and you begin to dominate your local market. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust when it comes to getting customer traffic from online searches. Call (503) 278-5609 or Contact Us for SEO in Kansas City today.

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