Effective SEO in Baton Rouge, LA

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have a proper website. From there you can direct customers to your services, and also explain what you do. The best website in the world isn’t going to do you any good if there’s no one visiting it, though. What can you do to drive up traffic? Turn to the team here at Effective Web Solutions for your SEO services.

SEO in Baton Rouge

What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. The idea is that by tuning the content of your page, you can make it more attractive to Google, and thus rank higher on search pages. Elements of SEO include:

  • Keyterm Use: The key term is the internet search that you want to “own”. Say someone searches for “bakeries in Baton Rouge”. You want to have a few instances of that term on the page.
  • Hidden Data: There is some behind-the-scenes work to fine-tune your site. It goes far beyond simply repeating the same phrase over and over again.
  • Authority: Anyone can create a page about bakeries, or even just one that mentions them. Google looks past this and compares how many credible sites link to a page. Those that have better links are more authoritative and rank higher on search pages.

Why Do You Need SEO in Baton Rouge?

Most people that look up services on the internet use Google. They only tend to look at the first few results on the very first page. If you’re not ranking at or near the top, then nobody is going to visit. This, in turn, loses you both customers and profits. With proper SEO in Baton Rouge, you get more traffic to your site so your business can thrive.

Search-Engine-Optimization-Baton Rouge

What does EWS do for my SEO?

What’s the difference between us and the other guys? That’s a fair question. In short, the answer is our team. Here’s how we work:

  • Researchers You might want to own “bakeries in Baton Rouge”. Our researchers use powerful analytical tools to determine the best key terms for your page. If no one is searching for “bakeries in Baton Rouge” but they are searching for “pastries in Baton Rouge”, we can redirect the content to better reflect search trends.
  • Dev Team: Our web developers can make you an attractive, functional website. But they can also optimize it to show up in search results more often.
  • Writers: The stereotype with web writers is that you can either be good at SEO or you can make your content seem like a human being wrote it. Our writers do both, driving traffic and improving customer experience.

Don’t let your website languish at the bottom of the search results anymore. Call (503) 278-5609 or Contact Us for SEO in Baton Rouge today.

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