Powerful Search Engine Optimization in Salem, OR

As an entrepreneur, your first obligation is to grow your business. To do this, of course, you need customers. It’s no secret that in the modern age most new clients find you by means of online searches. But most people don’t look past the first page of search results on Google. In fact, most don’t even scroll past the first five. If you want to climb higher in the rankings, Effective Web Solutions is your best choice for search engine optimization in Salem.

SEO Salem

What is Search Engine Optimization?

You might have heard of search engine optimization (SEO), but you likely don’t know exactly what it is. SEO refers to adjusting the content and oter qualities of your website so that it appears higher and higher in the search rankings over time. The basic process goes something like this:

  • Keywords: You determine which search you want to “own”, perhaps “Sporting Good Stores in Salem”.
  • Content: Writers craft a page to support that term, with the goal of making Google rank your site higher in searches.
  • Google Updates: If the page is written well enough and follows certain parameters, Google places your stores site at the top of the page whenever anyone uses that search term.

Why Go to a Professional for SEO?

You can probably think of a few terms that you’d like to “own” whenever someone searches for them on Google. You might even write up a decent service page or blog post to support it. But without the right tools and expertise at your disposal, you’re not going to see the growth that you want. Here’s why:

  • Relevant Searches: Sure, you could own “Sporting Good Stores in Salem”, but if that term only gets three searches a month, nobody’s going to find you. Our team of researchers can analyze data traffic to find the hottest and most relevant search terms.
  • Content: Creating compelling content is more than repeating the same key phrases over and over again on a page. Google can actually penalize you for such “keyword cramming”. We have writers on staff who understand the magic of keyword optimization and who also craft marketable, sales-driving copy.
  • Monitoring Do you have the time to run a check every day to see how your terms are doing? What about even once a week? If you did, could you then fix any problems that you found? We run regular rankings to make sure that your key terms are trending. If they’re not, our team can refocus or create new content to drive traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization in Salem OR

The EWS SEO Difference

At EWS we’ve been in the game for years. We understand marketing, SEO and other principles like no one else. Don’t let the opportunity to grow and succeed pass you by. Call (503) 278-5603 or Contact Us┬átoday to build your brand.

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