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The online market gets more and more prominent every day. Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, you need a strong web presence to survive. With the right planning, you can even thrive and grow to new heights. Here at Effective Web Solutions, we’re the team to turn to whenever you need search engine optimization in Portland, OR.

SEO Portland

Web Rankings and Traffic

On the surface, internet traffic is fairly straightforward. A potential customer needs a service that you offer, so they search on Google using a term that describes what they need. Google retrieves a list of thousands of pages and ranks them according to relevance. If you’re the top-listed site, they usually lick a link and send you their business.

If you’re not at the top of the heap, let alone on the first page, you don’t get new traffic. By climbing the page rankings, you get a larger customer base and can grow your business. To do this, you need the right team behind you.
Search Engine Optimization in Portland

Professional Search Engine Optimization in Portland

The team at Effective Web Solutions is dedicated to getting you the customers that you need to grow your business. We keep experts in many fields on staff and can either build a new site or upgrade your existing one.

  • Keyterm Research: Which search terms do you need to “own”? Our researchers find the most popularly searched terms that are relevant to your local business so you can more effectively target customers.
  • Writing: Writers craft pages for your website. Careful setup ensures that the pages are more relevant to your target term and that they’re also full of useful information. We do service pages, blog posts and more.
  • Monitoring: It’d be easier if trends stayed the same over time, but they don’t. We monitor web traffic to ensure that your pages are climbing in the rankings and we work to sustain your growth.

Optimization with EWS

You can choose to take care of your own SEO, writing your own content. You’ll do a lot better if you turn to the experts, though. Your full-time job is running your business, and taking on SEO tasks is only going to run you ragged. EWS is a local firm with roots in the community. We’ve won multiple awards for our service and we have dozens of clients who keep coming back to us for all of their needs. Once you’ve got us on your side we get to work and take care of the hard stuff so you don’t have to. We offer multiple plans so you can scale the service as you grow.

Call (503) 278-5609 or Contact Us┬átoday to start staking your claim to the internet. We set up a free consultation to see what you’re facing and to create a custom plan for your business.

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