Fair Reputation Management in Chicago

Today’s market can be rough. The internet is still in many ways a very unpredictable place. When it comes to your business, this can work against you. You need to know what people are saying about you. Additionally, there has to be a way for you to mitigate unfair and untrue statements. Fortunately for you, Effective Web Solutions is available for Reputation Management in Chicago.

How Does Reputation Management Help You?

Have you ever heard the old maxim that someone who has a positive experience might tell only one other person, while someone who has a negative experience tells 10 people? With the advent of social media, that number is much higher. A single negative review can reach millions of people.

Many customers use an online review site when they want to compare potential companies for the services that they need. If your site has the lowest rankings, you’re going to lose out on thousands or perhaps millions of dollars in sales.

How Does EWS Run Reputation Management in Chicago?

There are many ways that customers can affect your reputation and many avenues for us to increase it. Here is some of what EWS does for you:

  • Positive Reviews: When someone casts an unfairly negative picture of your business online, you need to drown them out. We get you positive reviews to more than balance things out. Potential customers want to see the good that you can do. Thanks to the positive feedback, people browsing review sites develop a much better view of your company.
  • Review Rewards: We put a system in place that incentivizes users to leave more reviews on your site. A company with three times as many reviews than one that only has a handful looks much more reputable and established than others.
  • Quality Reviews: Customers are smart. They can see when a review comes from a paid shill. Those one or two-sentence blurbs that read like a robot wrote them are a big turn-off. With quality, deep reviews customers can build up a much more positive impression of your services or products.
  • Better Search Results: Depending on which sites review you, the results show up in Google with stars by your name. When used in connection with our SEO services, this drives traffic to your site.
  • Multiple Site Reviews: Customers check multiple review sites when searching for services. If they see that you’re only on one site, or that the reviews on all sites are the exact same, this raises their suspicions. At EWS we keep track of all the popular and growing review sites and make sure that you have fair reviews on all of them.

Why Go with EWS for Reputation Management in Chicago

Everyone else uses reputation management strategies. If you’re the only one who isn’t doing it, your company is vulnerable to lost sales, as well as to unfair attacks from competitors. Partnering up with EWS gives you the tools you need to stand out from your competitors.

When you’re ready to start taking control of your company’s brand presentation, Call (888) 400-4002 or Contact Us today.

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