Reputation Management Bend

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Bend

Your reputation used to be a cut and dried affair-you did good work, word of mouth spread, and customers came back. If you did bad work they didn’t. The landscape has changed and there’s more ways to review companies than ever before. Some like Google reviews show up in the search results right beside your company name. This can turn a simple misunderstanding with a customer in to a business trajectory altering deal. It doesn’t have to though. With reputation management in Bend from Effective Web Solutions, you can actually respond to dissatisfied customers before they ever post an online review.

What is Reputation Management?

Your online reputation is incredibly important to your business and your customers. Accessing reviews from anywhere is simple with the right device, and polls indicate review writers are much more likely to do so after a negative experience. Studies have shown that consumers rely on online reviews as much as recommendations from friend and family, as high as 88% of your potential customers use these to determine your businesses quality.

Reputation management can provide the edge you need to beat the competition. Our reputation management Bend services promote positive reviews and give you the opportunity to respond to negative ones before they are made permanent. With our incentive program, customers choose our method, increasing your positive review capture rate and total feedback. The more reviews that reflect your business, staff, and service in a positive light the more trust you build with customers before they even enter your door.

Reputation Management Benefits

Online reputation management services provide our clients with a number of amazing benefits:

  • Promote the Positive – It doesn’t take long before a company is pulled under by negative reviews. They often don’t reflect the actual customer experience, but are based instead on a customer’s perceptions of what occurred. Promoting positive reviews counteracts negative ones, quickly overshadowing them while increasing business ratings at the same time.
  • Reward Reviews – Increasing the number of reviews your business has is incredibly important, but they have to positively reflect the consumer experience. We use incentives to increase review numbers while promoting positive ones. Consumers frequently equate the number of reviews with a businesses’ time in business and related experience, even where no direct correlation occurs. When it comes to reputation management, Bend customers frequently respond positively, garnering our clients larger amounts of positive reviews for increased conversion.
  • Mitigate the Negative – With reputation management, Bend businesses can respond directly to customers who leave negative feedback. Our service allows you do this before their reviews are made public. There’s no way to erase negative reviews entirely, but our services have been found to drastically reduce them.
  • Star-Rating Search Results – The more Google reviews you receive, the higher your star rating increases. This is often displayed below your company’s URL on Google search results. This increases the likelihood of click-through and overall conversion compared to results without.
  • Many Stars, Many Places – We handle feedback on a variety of sites including Facebook, City Search, Yelp, and more. The more positive reviews you have on a wide variety of platforms the better. These review sites can even appear with your profile in search results for direct or related services. Ensuring they reflect well of your business increases the likelihood of a click and conversion.

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For professional reputation management in Bend that raises your businesses ratings, call (888) 400-4002 or Contact Us today. Check out our Reviews on Google +.

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