Remarketing or Retargeting


Let’s face it. Not every customer who visits your website is going to purchase your service or product. Maybe they had a change of heart, wanted to investigate other options, or got distracted by a cat video. That doesn’t make them a lost customer. Remarketing with Effective Web Solutions can target these missed opportunities, turning them into converting customers. These users can have an even higher rate of conversion since they are already pre-disposed and subconsciously attuned to your service and branding.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows us to market to your customers after they leave your website. We can set up a targeted ad campaign that actually follows the user. Whether they’re on a phone, tablet, or PC, ads that we’ve tailored to target that specific customer based on a variety of factors will continue to show up on future searches. These ads will guide customers back to your site, allowing visitors who need more time to consider a purchase the time they want and a one-click option back to your relevant service page.

We make Remarketing work for you!

The science of remarketing takes dedication and skill. Our digital marketing experts are experienced and trained in using Google remarketing software to provide our clients with targeted campaigns that get results. That’s because remarketing involves a deep understanding of customer search patterns and intentions. Ad settings need to be tailored for specific behaviors in order to achieve the highest conversion rating. That’s where our marketing experts shine.

Remarketing Ad consideration factors include:

  • Which product pages the consumer visited on your website
  • How far the customer got into the checkout or contact process
  • Pages the consumer didn’t choose to visit or quickly bounced from

Remarketing is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. It can create converting customers from a variety of different sources. This can help you capture different market segments that you may have otherwise missed. Because of it’s variable nature, separate remarketing ads can be made to target a variety of customers.

Remarketing Retargeting

Targeted remarketing allows us to:

  • Attract website visitors who didn’t convert on their first visit. This can re-attract previously interested customers who may have been comparing options or information gathering.
  • Engage with visitors who partially completed a contact form or filled a cart but didn’t purchase. These customers were close to converting and remarketing can provide the small push they need.
  • Cross-sell or up-sell customers who have already converted. Ads can be made to target converted customers, leading to continued sales of adjacent products or services.
  • Target customers after a specific period of time. After a customer has visited your site we can use targeted remarketing to sell them on new or similar services and products.

Cover every angle with professional remarketing from EWS.

Every day businesses without remarketing campaigns lose market share. You could be missing out on converting customers right now. Our services re-capture the interest of customers you’ll continual to lose without a remarketing campaign. When you’re ready to get every available conversion and expand your concept of what marketing can accomplish call (888) 400-4002 or Contact Us today.

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