Our SEO Process

Phase 1

Client Onboarding Collection & Verification

In this step we are working hand in hand, Before we get started we begin gathering information needed for the project by verifying your business name, address, phone number and hours prior to getting started to ensure all information listed is accurate.

Phase 2

Client Onboarding

In this phase we arrange for you to talk with our project coordinator and onsite optimizer regarding the scope of your project and any particular information we need to gather in regards to what makes you unique from your competitors.

Phase 3


In this phase we complete a series of keyword research and competitor analysis, we research the best keywords to go for based on your budget, marketing goals and hone in on what your competitors may be doing to dial in what you may not have in comparison. This step is when we determine what the biggest bang for your buck is.

Phase 4

Competitor Analysis

In this phase we analyze your top 10 competitors to see what they have done in terms of their content, the length of content, in addition to any offsite citations and links, to see if we can meet or beat them keeping your budget in mind. A plan is then put in place for phase 5

Phase 5

Content Development

In this phase we write the content based on our plan. The amount we write and how we write it, is based on our competitive research. We have analyzed how long the content needs to be, how often the keyword needs to be in the content and the overall structure.
If we aren’t familiar with your industry we will ask you to review the content for accuracy even though we research your industry before we write, we want to make sure we don’t mention things you don’t do like warranties, processes, etc.

To keep things on time, we require content to be approved within 2 business days of the date received.
After 2 days, if we don’t hear about any edits, we continue forward to launch. If ever, later on, you discover any inaccuracies we will make your edits immediately.

Phase 6

On Site Optimization

In this phase we are adding coding to your website in the manner Google likes at the moment. Google charges frequently so we have to go in and update coding throughout the onsite quite regularly.

Phase 7

Submit / Index to Google

We submit your site to all the search engines to start recognizing the work we have done so far. It typically will take Google approximately 2-3 Months to start giving us any love.

Phase 8

Offsite Optimization

Now the offsite work begins! We will start building social profiles, business listings (also known as citations) and other links we have found necessary this is a constant on going process.

Phase 9

On going Optimization

Based on your budget, we drip feed ongoing content needed to keep Google “happy” and in doing so they will index your site and support the key terms we identified in the beginning. We also do ongoing updates, SEO wise to your website as Google demands, we also check to make sure all of your forms are working consistently.

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