It seems that social media has become a way of life for people and businesses alike. There’s a lot of competition out there and the only way to measure your success is by tracking your posts. While analytics can provide good information about your social media Vancouver WA accounts, it’s easy to get bogged down in all the data. Most tools will help you measure your popularity on social media (likes, comments, follows, etc.), but more in-depth information, can be valuable for businesses. Social-Media-Vancouver-WA

Understanding which metrics matter to you can help you better track your success on social media and may help you in tracking and analyzing the competition as well.

Analyzing Your Posts’ Success

When you understand which posts resonate with followers and the impact that they have on engagement, you’ll know how to funnel more traffic to your website and ultimately increase your bottom line.

For instance, if you have post gets 100 likes, 25 comments and 4 shares. Then, you make another post that gets double the likes, comments and shares. Now you can begin to understand the types of posts that your audience is drawn to and you know a bit more about your followers.

Understand the Quality of Your Followers

Analyzing your followers will help you understand the quality of your following as a whole and if they are likely to continue to engage and eventually convert.

Improve Your ROI While Saving Time

How do you know if your efforts with social media to engage with customers in hopes of growing your business, are paying off? The only way to know for certain is to measure it. Creating and posting content your audience doesn’t want to see is a waste of time. When you know what your followers like, you can post more of the right types of content and improve your overall return on investment through increased sales and brand awareness.

Reviewing analytics can then help familiarize you with how your customers are interacting with your updates. They give you a better idea of how your company is perceived in the marketplace and how your clients feel about your product or service. 

Measuring Social Media Engagement 

One reason that social media has become so popular with marketers is that most platforms come with dashboards that provide all their pertinent information in one place. Plus, where else can you find a huge database of your target audience who are already in the mind frame to read, click on, and share your message? But, how do you know if your social media strategy is working? The key to knowing if it is working is to understand your customer’s engagement. Here are some helpful tips you can use to start tracking engagement:

1) Likes & Shares

The number of likes and shares your posts receive is the simplest way to track engagement and it is available on most social media platforms. And sharing your post will widen your reach as people share your posts with their friends and followers.

2) Follower Growth

It’s important to pay attention to the rate that you’re obtaining followers over the last month, week, or even day. If you don’t seem to be gaining new followers, you may want to increase your posting speed. Losing followers could mean you need to adjust your strategy and the content you post.

3) Following Other Accounts

Following other accounts that share interests that are related to your business or industry can be beneficial in gaining followers. But be sure to keep a balance between the number of followers you have and the number of accounts you’re following. 

4) Quality Fans

A large following of fans is a good thing, but not all fans are quality followers. Those who interact by commenting, sharing your posts and leaving reviews are most likely to convert. Make sure you continue to interact with these followers often.

5) Organic vs. Paid Results

Customers gained through posting free content social media are considered to be organic. Paid social refers to paid advertisements you’re using to reach target demographics. Tracking your pay-per-click campaign will help you identify your return on investment to see whether you should re-invest in new keywords.

6) Clicks Per Post

Measuring the number of times that users have clicked on the links you’ve included in your posts will help you determine how much traffic your social media efforts are bringing in.

7) Lead Generation

You should be keeping track of the number of visits to your website from your social media accounts and which ones generate leads. Ideally your audience won’t just look at your posts and never engage with your business. 

8) Client Demographics

Most social media platforms help you to collect information about your followers like age, gender, geographic location, and even their likes and interests. When you recognize what they are interested in and what their needs are, you can customize your posts to draw them in.

9) Mentions

Social media users have the ability to mention your business on their own accounts and websites. It’s important to pay attention to these mentions and respond to comments, questions, or criticisms whenever possible in order to keep up good client relations.

10) Possible Conversions

Not every industry can attribute specific sales to social media, but you can track leads and define them in your own way. An example would be a fan who expresses loyalty to your brand and says they plan to buy another as a gift.

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