If you are currently utilizing PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads, then you know how important it is to land in the top 3-4 spaces on Google’s SERP (search engine results pages) if you want your business to be found. There are several tools out there designed to help you reach high rankings, but among the most important is your ad campaign and the message it delivers. Having a well written, relevant ad is a big step in improving your PPC Vancouver, WA ad rank, your click through rate, your quality score and your ROI. Pay-Per-Click-Vancouver-WA

Here are some helpful tips to help you create ads that will get you noticed!

Let your headline shine – Your headline is the first thing a potential client will see so it should be catchy and memorable. If you are aiming for keywords that are more generic, try writing headlines that explain your product or service. Be sure to include your company name if your ads are targeting searches on your brand name.

Your ad needs to be relevant – Researching and using your customer’s search query keywords in your ad titles and text can help to improve its relevance. When the searcher sees their own term in your message the value of it will be more apparent. Google currently puts keywords in bold, which can really make your ad stand out.

Utilize ad groups – Having multiple ads running at once helps you evaluate which ones drive your business the most. Google AdWord’s best practices indicate that you create 3 ads. Your ads will be competing with other businesses so occasionally changing your message will help you find what sets you apart from your competition. In using different messages, you may learn that your personal favorite failed while another one was more successful. As you analyze your data, you will begin to recognize which keywords are most used by your target audience and identify the most effective ad(s) by reviewing your click through rate and conversions. You can then delete or pause the other ads from the group which will help make the most of your campaign ROI. Here are some good questions to answer when creating your ads:

  • What sets your product or service apart? 
  • Why should customers buy from you vs your competition? 
  • What problem might your product or service solve? 
  • Can it help your potential client save time or money? 
  • What unique features or qualities does your product or service offer? 

Use your customers’ voice – Using the words and writing tone that are most like your typical customer will attract them to your ad. Find the age group and gender of your average audience, and let that information influence the voice you use in your campaign. 

Address your customers directly – Seeing words like “you” or “your” in your ads makes your potential client feel like you are speaking directly to them making them feel more connected to you.

Pre-qualify your visitors – You want to be clear in your ad about who your products are for. Use words that help attract your potential customers. So, you may want to stay away from words like discount, bargain, and cheap if your business only offers high-end products. It’s not hard to get a lot of clicks, but when every click costs you money, you want to ensure that you are getting clicks from qualified people that are willing and able to become your customers. Using the right messaging in your ad will save you money by eliminating clicks that will likely not to convert to sales. Another great example would be including your price in the ad copy. If your competitors generally charge less than you for a particular product or service, it may result in fewer clicks, but the clicks you do get will be from customers that are willing to pay that price.

Use clear language – Get specific with what you are offering. Don’t just say “big sale” on your product. Tell them the price and how much it will save them to buy now. 

Offer a call to action – Provide your customers with a reason to click your ad immediately. Whatever your goal is, letting your customers know the next step will allow you to see an increase in the number of them that actually follow through. This is your chance to tell customers what they should do once they arrive on your site, and it really works! If you want to drive downloads, collect leads or increase sales make sure your website also spells out this call to action so as not to confuse your customers about what to do next. Make sure your call to action is specific, such as encouraging customers to request a free brochure, download a free e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, or take advantage of a limited-time discount.

List the price – Feature the price of our product or service in your ad. Have it link to a landing page that includes both the product (or service) and the price to help ensure that it gets approved.

Why Choose Effective Web Solutions?

We understand that your time is valuable, and you want to spend it focusing on your business rather than advertising. Our digital marketing experts will ensure your PPC campaign targets clients that convert and that it works in tandem with your SEO efforts. Our team uses thorough analysis and targeted goal assessment to create a plan for your ad campaign. We offer customized solutions for your business using our expertise in strategic testing and analytics to provide you with a creative approach. Let us help you grow your business by putting you directly in front of your target audience. Call (888) 400-4002 or fill out the contact form to find out how we can make PPC advertising can work for you.

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