The Most Effective Internet Marketing in Portland

No matter what industry you happen to represent, your company is likely just one among thousands. In order to succeed, you must make yourself stand out from the crowd. How do you make sure that you’re not getting left behind? Try these strategies from Effective Web Solutions, the top internet marketing in Portland.

Internet Marketing Portland

A multi-pronged strategy

As much as we’d all like it to be true, there is no one single method that makes your business grow. You need new customers or clients, and you can’t get them by standing still. Below are the top strategies to utilize in your internet marketing campaign.

SEO and you

SEO is search engine optimization, and it gets more critical as time goes on. The principle behind it is simple. Internet searches drive customers to local businesses. If your page isn’t at or near the top rankings on searches, you’re not getting that rich traffic. Proper internet marketing increases your visibility. In a nutshell, here’s how SEO works:

  • Owned Search Terms: You decide which term you want to “own” on Google.
  • Content Optimization: Create a page to support your owned term. This includes writing instances of that term and related phrases on the page.
  • Authority: Google prefers sites that have “authority”, or links to that page from other reputable sources. You can increase your authority through links.

Search engine marketing

No matter how high you climb on the front page of Google, there will still be citations that are above yours on the first page of Google. The highest-ranked “organic” page sits below a sponsored link paid for by a company with an interest in that search term. Some customers ignore the sponsor, but many click on it, since it’s the most visible link. The best internet marketing campaign utilizes a combination of SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) to ensure maximum presence. That way you catch both the customers who trust the sponsored ads and those who only look at organic links.

Social media marketing

Did you know that there are billions, yes billions with a “B” of users on social media? Facebook, Twitter and a handful of others completely dominate the social media experience. If you engage in internet marketing, your campaign is incomplete if you’re not taking advantage of the vast reach provided by these networks. By using the right combination of extremely focused ads and real consumer engagement via posts and feeds, you can draw in many more customers.

Bring every weapon to bear

Internet marketing can feel like a war, and in many ways it is. There are a limited number of customers, and if you don’t get them, your competitors will. Internet marketing techniques work best when you combine them. SEO and SEM, combined with social media, make you more visible to anyone who needs your service and then gives the customer an easy way to tell their friends and family about your service. As a way of reciprocating, having more social media posts about your website might increase its authority, driving it higher in the search rankings. This, in turn, has the effect of improving your profile via more social media shares and likes. Once you tune into the right kind of internet marketing campaign, it can become an upward spiral of growth.

Portland Marketing Firm

Why you need a professional to take care of your internet marketing

So, can’t you just take care of your own SEO and social media accounts? After all, isn’t it nothing more than just writing the same thing over and over again on a page and then tweeting it out to your followers? Not really. Proper internet marketing is half science, half art. There are so many considerations to factor into your campaign that running it becomes a full-time job.

  • Keyterm Research: If you own a doughnut shop and decide that you want to own the term “doughnut shop in Portland”, how do you know that 10 times the number of customers aren’t searching for “donut shop in Portland”, or something else? Owning the wrong term does nothing for your business.
  • Human Touch: SEO is an indispensable part of your internet marketing campaign. But it’s about more than convincing Google to send customers your way. Once they’re on your site, the consumers have to be engaged by the content there. Professional writing and content creation engages consumers and improves their view of your company.
  • True Social Engagement: It takes more than posting a link to your latest blog post to effectively market your company. The best social media accounts for businesses are lively, positive and energetic, without seeming overly sales-oriented. This means regular interaction with customers, as well as acting quickly to negate any possible negative attention you might receive.

Why go with EWS?

There are dozens of internet marketing firms who all want your business. What makes us the right internet marketing team for the job? We’ve got years of experience. Our team consists of social media mavens, brilliant web developers, creative writers and disciplined project managers who coordinate their efforts for maximum effect.

We have hundreds of clients whose positive results and increased sales testify to the strength and effectiveness of our services. When you work with EWS you get a proactive partner in your internet marketing campaigns. We don’t just set you up and turn you loose. Our researchers analyze search pattern data on a regular basis and then have the content creators adjust to make sure that your pages stay relevant in the long term.

Just give us a call at (503) 278-5609, or fill out the contact form on this site to get started. We’ll do an online or face-to-face consultation to determine what you need and how to best help you achieve your goal. Make sure that your business soars above the rest; come to Effective Web Solutions to dominate internet marketing in Portland.

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