Have you been ignoring these important local SEO factors?

Seach engine optimization in Portland is even more competitive than it used to be. Three years ago you could expect top 10 results in the first week after a new page went live. Now it takes months to a full year to get a reliable idea of final placement. Throughout that entire time, you’ll still need to produce fresh content, update old content, and maintain a reliable back-link portfolio to your most important pages. So what’s a small business to do? Hyperfocus.

What does it mean to hyperfocus your SEO?

As you can see from the official list of Neighborhoods in Portland, there are lot more places to optimize for than just Portland itself. Google Maps continue to further hone-in listings in the area currently searched in. This is especially relevant for mobile traffic when Google uses GPS Data. So what can a small business do?

  • Create separate targeted neighborhood pages: These pages are the simplest way to create relevance between your business and adjoining neighborhoods. The best plan is to focus on the neighborhoods and areas immediately surrounding your own. That creates a tight cluster of GEO-relevance. You want to mix in locally relevant links with unique information about your service and the area. If you’ve performed work in any of the neighborhoods be it on a call, as a volunteer, sponsor or otherwise, this is the perfect place to highlight it. Consider linking the following on these pages:
    • Local Neighborhood Association Pages
    • Local Neighborhood Parks and Recreation Areas
    • Local Neighborhood Historical Sites
  • Create knowledge pages that target a local populace: What is your business? Do you go out and clean, fix, or restore? Do you build or service vehicles/vacuums/electronics? Do your customers come to you to purchase a product or do you go them? You know your service best. Original knowledge pages regarding specific aspects of your service and process are great for increasing your site authority. They can also weave in relevant links to areas you have worked at or to customer clusters that frequent your shop.
    SEO Portland OR

    • A vacuum sales and repair shop might link to nearby carpet sales stores.
    • A maid service could link to local office buildings they service.
    • A coffee shop might link to a nearby bus stop or tram line location pages.
  • Develop a strong local backlink portfolio: You want a backlink portfolio that reflects more than just the heavy-hitters like Service and Industry Associations Lists. Local backlinks even from low-authority sites really cement your relevance, especially when it comes to the MAP pack. These can seem like a difficult thing to acquire. How do you get local links from unrelated businesses? Well, it’s easier than you think.
    • Volunteer for a backlink. Instead of having your entire company volunteer for a single cause, have each employee volunteer for a different organization. Make sure volunteer companies receive a link and maximize the number of links you can acquire.
    • Sponsor something local. Whether it’s an open-mic night, a local little-league team, or an event like a dog-walk or charity, these are a great way to get backlinks without expending your workforce. Look for organizations that keep on-site lists of previous sponsors/donors. These will last longer.
    • Host your own booth/demonstration in an area you want to target. Offer a free public demonstration in an area you want to target. Have free schwag available to viewers/attendees who tweet or post on Facebook about it (while linking to your site) on the spot. Event booths are also a great way to do the same thing in a controlled environment where participants are there specifically to learn about your service.

When it comes to SEO, Portland businesses have to get pro-active and creative. A local internet marketing firm can only do so much. The best pairing is a great marketing company with an involved small business. Working together towards a common goal is the smart way to hyper-focus and get the greatest gains for your organic and MAP listing rankings.

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